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Article: What to expect in October & November 2020/2021?- Apolitical Amateur Diary (Plus current beauty & health update)

What to expect in October & November 2020/2021?- Apolitical Amateur Diary (Plus current beauty & health update) - LaLa Daily Post

What to expect in October & November 2020/2021?- Apolitical Amateur Diary (Plus current beauty & health update)

Hello Dear People (both "analogue" and digital lol)

Haven't been writing in a while, so I just felt super bored, yet creative today to write something, since I have just canceled/postponed my travel plans due to number of things that could not fit the article.

Caution:While reading this paragraph, just imagine a music in a background ( kind of cartoonish you know, so that way you get the vibe), and think outside of the box, since by now we all are tired of the box lol.

( I have to let you know that I am by any means, not a political expert, I'm just typing my thoughts so I can look back at it months later and laugh, or maybe not (hope we all laugh regardless). For the thrill of it.

The Story begins: Once upon a time in 2020, we figured Forrest Gump had a point...You never know what you're gonna get!

-We have 2 planets parties on one planet that are "married". One is called  Lala Lands and another one is Programmed landers. "Lala-Landers" want peace, harmony, equality, spirituality, corrections, justice, and other land wants rules, "by the book", tradition, peace, challenge, routine with a discipline. If we can compare them with the zodiac signs, Lala Landers is a water sign, and Program-landers would be a Virgo. Since, USA is born on July 4th, which is a sign of Cancer, maybe there is some little sign in it? Or maybe it's a total BS to use astrology for such serious topics. Anyway, those 2 are in a constant conflict, yet without each other, there would not be a balance, however to achieve that, sometimes it gets rough.

-"LaLa Landers" are connected to nature, flow and freedom, and "Programmed landers" devoted to traditional duties, responsibilities and limitations. Both want peace and both want a good quality of life, but both have some mean cousins (bad apples) that need some "tutoring" lol. . This polarity of sides is needed because none of these 2 lands to stand alone might not be possible.Hm?

  • The difference is, Program-landers are masculine and LaLa Landers are feminine. Both of them are important to make a family. Some will get along better with "mom" (LaLa Landers) and some better with dad (JudgerLanders), and some will hate one of those 2 and seek a divorce lol

-"Kids" don't get what they want, so they do what they do, and a "dad" needs control so he does what "he " does, and "mom" as well. Both of the lands become shaken, the division arises and chaos continues. Classic psychology effect.

Who likes who better? Who is for this and who is for "that? Blah Blah Blah. The Whoever "wins", it is still going to be an opposite side down the road and it takes so much time to fix something and so less time to ruin...the irony of life. Same is with getting fat so there we go, lol. (speaking of fat loss, check this info out)

  • At the end of a day, "mom and dad" are a couple and that's why they exist for so many years...ever wonder? Now, making enemies between one another based on who likes "mom" more or "dad "is stupid because, at the end of a day, it is all our perception and let no one manipulate your own perception.

*My grandpa would say "Everyone is right in their own perception" and now i get it. 

-Opinions are based on experiences and experiences vary, and choices change, what does not change is the fact that we are the only human and we all want the best in life.


Predictions (don't get this serious)? - I think that the result of this "match" will be weird, meaning, the results will be either delayed or repeated or something like that. To ask a crystal ball, it says " it will be 50/50 and even the election and a whole procedure of how it used to be will be changed, I would not be surprised to have something like 2 presidents lol, nothing can surprise me now-days anymore. "President pending" would be a very logical result, that's why: Mary Poppins folks lol!! Disney has fired over 27K employees, and i think we really need Mary Poppins more than ever lol, unless TikTok buys her as well haha! #JK -Intuition speaking!

  • It's good to follow and keep up on what's going on but keep in mind, you are just watching "a game", but again, nobody wants "surprises" and curiosity killed the cat lol. Stay healthy people and have faith. Good deeds bring good things eventually! Fear is for the cowards yet it is a human thing, but let's not get these things create agony between one another.



 Stay healthy, safe, sane  & thankful. Beautiful of course, always!

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