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Article: Invisible Aligners + Snow Whitening Kit -Labor Day Weekend GiveAway, 2020

Invisible Aligners + Snow Whitening Kit -Labor Day Weekend GiveAway, 2020 - LaLa Daily Post

Invisible Aligners + Snow Whitening Kit -Labor Day Weekend GiveAway, 2020

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Hope you're staying cool and healthy during this Labor Day Weekend and 100F in California. Pretty soon it will be Christmas and it's crazy how much can happen in one year, and also how much can not happen in a whole year... At least, during this "COVID Year", most of us have realized that the best we can do is maximize what depends on us, and work on ourselves. In this content, I mean self-care. 

Some of you might have a wisdom tooth growing in the middle of a lockdown, and I assume it wasn't a pleasant experience, so one of the things I learned to appreciate even more during the COVID time is my dentist. Thanks to my invisible aligners and Snow whitening kit (that was flashing in my mouth every day lol), I was safe with my dental care and ended up with super white teeth, finally aligned, and a new smile, even though I felt like climbing the walls because of the current situation in a world.

Last year, I had a bet with my friends that my teeth will be totally fixed in less than a year, and I won the bet, ha! The reason why I am sharing this info here is that there is tons of companies that offer invisible aligners deals and blah blah, so it's so difficult on who to trust and where to go and should you do the invisible aligners at all?

I am super happy to make your choices easier and share this information. 

During these 3 days of Labor Day Weekend, Byte Me offers $100 off on their invisible aligners + Free SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit that works so well !! At the end of this article, I left the promo code info.

Btw, this whitening kit, you probably heard of, is the best, and I was so happy to receive an email with this information. This is probably the best recommendation article for the dental care you will read because there is no mistake with this! Your teeth will be healthy and white.




You can check it out here:

ByteMe Invisible Aligners + Free Snow Whitening Kit:


Have a great Labor Day Weekend Everyone!








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