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Hello ladies, hello everyone!

Decided to drop a few lines about this my discovery of this atypical Pre Holidays Weight loss program/approach (not a classic detox where you eat grass and claiming how tasty it is or any similar Hollywood trend)! This is something that won't end up as a regular "diet b.s. hunger games, vicious cycles" that function based on tons of restrictions, and works 100% every.single.time! 

During the holidays, personally, I am NOT one of those people that will refuse to eat a delicious cake, chocolates, pasta and all of these "wrong" goodies loaded with carbs so read this carefully so you get the point and test it out yourself!


Time to Start = October: Calories count, so keep a track of How Much you eat and realize its calorie worth and nutritional value. Here are the tips:

1. Liquids -base: First thing in the morning on an empty stomach = Water ( 1 small bottle). If you don't have that habit, well, force yourself for this good habit, you'll be grateful in the long run.

2.Followed by : Mint Tea (you can use honey if you like).

3. Finally Coffee or Matcha (if you need coffee in the morning)- just make sure to skip regular milk or creamers, and use Almond, Coconut, Cashew or Oatmilk (my favorite) instead.

If you are so hungry?- sorry, but you will have to wait for 3 hours before your first digestive meal. Until that time, you can drink more tea or coffee, or get an Orange juice or some fruits if you really are "dying".

4.Time to eat! - Now it's time to get your food! Eat whatever you like but stay away from fried food, fast food is a NO, meat and diary is a NO. The longer you can wait till an actual food, the better. 

Rule: Do not eat snacks/deserts instead of the meal or before the meal, because it won't do you good. It will spike your sugar level and crash, making you hungry while overloading you with "empty calories".

5.For the rest of the day: focus on liquids rather than food if you can, but if you are not that type, then focus on anything that is not fried and skip meat and diary if you can, or keep eating fried but follow the remaining tips of this program (more explained in the lines below). After 10 days you will naturally be able to have a larger gap between liquids and foods.

Key Tips: If you can't do it and really need that "guilty" food, then do not eat anything besides liquid cleanse (morning items listed) until the time for actual food or  your 'guilty feast". ( save the space for the calories):

*If you mess up: No big deal, just continue as if you didn't.

*You make your own meal plans based on these tips. You might start with not excluding your guilty food but meanwhile your appetite will change and you will shift your total daily calories intake!


 6.Extra Boost: Workout & Nutrition Programs App where you get paid to walk and lose weight, with your personalized step goal set up, and you can see the explainer on how the app works Here and download an app ( available for both IOS and Android phones) in your app store to Join the challenge and save your spot for November 1st. I believe the limit is still 10 for my challenge , but you can still  join and have get notified when your program starts and enjoy this great app designed to keep you motivated while earning $ and rewards such as (Nike, Adidas, Amazon gift card, Netflix etc.) and a few very well known athletes in a group;) The links are Here :

1) A link which takes users directly to download the fitness app from Apple:

2) A link which takes you to the landing page:


This is the video explainer on how the program App works: 


 Well, this is it for now. I am happy to share my tips with you, and at the same time motivate myself while sharing the tips (and having my gummy bears while typing, lol, but It's a part of this detox program and it works every time!!!).


Stay healthy, detoxed and happy,











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