NK Little Things - About

Dear peeps!

I was always inspired to create some fun little things such as clothing and accessories stuff, and I am excited to finally come up with some fun clothing, and accessories that seem to be perfect for gifts!

All of the memes that you are seeing in my Little Things clothing line are coming straight from my head inspired by all of you, especially those of you that make me laugh via IG live with your crazy suggestions on my questions. I am used to you, it's fine. Keep being my favorite " the worst" peeps in the world! ( "sarcasm" beep, for those of you that are new)

Since this is an addition to my "Creative Disneyworld" in here, from time to time, I will be having random gift cards for You that are subscribed in here, most likely very soon, or most likely I am just trying to be nice ( Ha Ha) and most likely I will forget so please do remind me if I do forget.

Until then, see ya on my YouTube channel or via my IG stories.


P.S I am very happy that my "Straight Outta Quarantine" hoodie was on its way to Australia and another order to Chicago (so cheers to my first 2 orders, lol, made me smile because this is a fun addition that I doubt I will take super serious, but I'm for sure have fun while creating).

Ok, enough for now, see ya soon on my channels and maybe on my dad's channel again...

... we are still negotiating that one, lol!