Should you wear MakeUp during the Home Quarantine and Why?

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Hello everybody!

I hope you are keeping your sanity in check during these global crazy crises all over the world! If not, well, I hope you are trying to, as that counts as well;-)

As I always tend to count the blessings (some would say I look at the world via "pink shades") rather than negatives, let's keep it that way...At least for the sake of keeping the sanity in check, I use my Music and Skincare and MakeUp "shades" to keep me "alive". 

Personally, I do not wear makeup everywhere, but a day without mascara and lip balm and lipgloss is like a "ghost day" to me.

  • If you think "Deeper", there is a lot of psychology in everything we do, say or don't do/don't say. Here is a basic example: Imagine you are an actor. You get into your costume (whatever it be), you get your hair a certain way, and guess what? It kind of makes you feel different. Yes?
  • The difference is, this is not a movie set, but you can choose how you want to feel as life is all about choices. And how you feel, affects your further choices and so on...It's all connected: cause and the consequences. 
  • Why do I mention makeup? Here is why:

-Let's say, you are starting to get a so-called "cabin fever" and even not being aware, you might be having some signs of it since this type of life is not something we are used to even though they say, it is needed the amount of 21 days for something to become a habit (the new way of living), but this is way more serious. We might have the problem to get used to it, but the problem is, once we get used to it, what if we develop a new "familiar way of living"?


 My quarantine "stuck in a route" spice up is Miracles & More online beauty club and its home deliveries of course ( check their Instagramand often times I make some Live IG videos with workouts, makeup and skincare tutorials, music sessions of course, etc. In another word, do what you please that does no harm lol!

I guess, it is too early to say, but bottom line, if you feel like you are "losing it", try to spice up your daily routine. It is "all in your head" at the end of the day. If you were taking care of yourself prior to this and liked to be "put together" on a daily basis, why would you change it? Don't change it, unless it is against the rules. Have fun, put your mascara on and work from home, stay productive and alert. 

I decided to test some new makeup, ordered some fun products to try on, and it gave me enough of the "boost" to break the cycle of feeling weird and continue...

It is crazy how a little of mascara and lip gloss can spice up your quarantined day. Try it, and if it doesn't work (but that won't happen), then try something else: workout, clean the house paint the walls, do your online work, create your "new world" and this time of crisis will go by faster. It is all in our HEAD.

If you think deeper, it has been only a month or 2 ...This will pass. It is not forever though it might feel like it. If you spice up the routine, the quarantine time will run faster later on when you look back, you will see that it was not "that long" to stay home for some time and be a team player of the world for the good cause.

 Stay positive and share your "quarantine spice up" routine. A little bit of something different can change a lot in our perception.

Be gentle with your thoughts. They are almost like an extra sensitive "GPS" in our lives, so let's be aware...

  • P.S. check out my self-care online "stop": click here  , use the promo code: MIRACLESMORE 

Stay Beautiful, happy and healthy,






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