V-day and Post V-day Skincare GiveAway

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Hello ladies, 

Happy V-day and may every day be a form of a V-day.

My friend and I had an interesting convo about V-day and how men and women have a "slightly" different perspective regarding this sweet holiday. For the majority of men, as Anna mentioned, it is a sweet holiday, but "not a big deal" in a case they forget to do something "extra nice". As for us women, there is a group A that would agree with "not making a big deal" out of it and then there is a group B that would so give a deal about this. 

In general, any holiday that includes love, joy, presents or a day off, is super respected and adored (in my opinion) so why not make as many holidays as possible, lol? Holidays are there to remind us of a universal, essential human needs regardless of all of the social dogmas, trends, etc, which is: expressing love in an "extra" special way on that day because everyone loves to feel special and to make someone else feel special. Some of you might say: "Big deal, every day could be a V-day", but if so, then why isn't it? 

Anyway, since V-day is today, on Friday, I decided to  stretch it over a "long weekend" until Tuesday, because of os this very reason:

With my favorite skincare "Miracles & More", we are preparing a special GiveAway throughout this and next week, to our ladies on Social Media, and the present is a Beauty Box (packed with amazing skincare products and makeup, cruelty-free and 100% effective) so stay tuned this week:


Until then, check out today's skincare "goodies" until you get our Post-V-day special in this link, with 58% off: 


Enjoy your V-day specials, and more in the next few days, so:

Stay tuned, happy, beautiful & healthy, 



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