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Dear ladies, 

If you are a beauty detective, constantly in a search for the next beauty hack ( in this case, mascara), then you will read this: 

Week#1: After the long shoot on set ( the pilot we continued filming finally and YeY), the last scene was to be filmed underwater ( btw it is a horror movie, which not a subject of this), and ofc, the makeup artist had to do her job.  Christen applied it perfect and it was all good. Day #2 As usual, after every set I work on, if I see  some good stuff working on my face, I always take notes from makeup artists ( I think i tagged some on my IG before). See the info below:

mascara beauty  lift and volume mascara mascara beauty summer 2021The Best choice LASHES SHAPING Mascara (this extra volumizing & lashes shaper mascara will NOT gonna make you look like a panda, lol) 

(I apply one coat if it's for the day to day use, or if I shoot, or go out, then 2 coats of that mascara is more than enough). 

Week#2: The next week after we wrapped the shoot, like a typical "sucker" to any good cosmetic product that shows up, I went online and ordered 2 mascaras ( since I lose stuff on a daily basis, I have to always buy 2 of everything...smh). My mascara arrived 2 days later and I went to the beach, of course with my water proof mascara. In the mood, with my social media "addiction" to snap 3K pics in a minute, and it looked great, and all was great until I got home at the end of the day to take my mascara off..

The Next Morning NightMare : I woke up like a pink troll with literally pink shadows around my lashes area, which kind of looked like as if I had an eye shadow, but it was weird and kind of itching...I panicked of course and called all the doctors,I know, my friends, makeup artists, you named it....did all the health checkups and everything thank God was fine.


mascara beauty  "Lyft & Volume" mascara choice!

Conclusion: The Earth is not flat, #jk. - It seems as if the waterproof mascaras are mostly good for the short term usage ( when shooting, professional use etc.) but for a normal life usage ...not sure.. Similar thing happen to so many of my friends and I wish people say when these things happen you know, well...I am typing "cz of very that!!! 

Hope this little article helps someone understand the difference between the duration of the cosmetic usage, your own skin sensitivity, as it is never "one size fits all" and every beauty product you use, make sure it is aligned with your current skin condition.

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 Until then, going to pack now and leave for a little  "pre" vacay so I can survive 100F during this weekend. Until the next time, 

    Stay gorgeous, healthy & happy, 


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