Quit Smoking: Nicotine Lozenges Giveaway!!!

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Quit Smoking in 2020!

Let's see one of the reasons why people start smoking:

1.Social Influence ( When I was in high school I tried just to see how it is to be "cool" and it ended up being funny since the cigarette didn't look cool with me, it looked like I don't know how to "properly" smoke lol  That's how I was told. lol.

2.TV Shows or Movies promoting that habit: Remember Carry from "Sex and The City"? Well, it def. fits her. Great wardrobe, NYC vibe, super cool with the rebellion vibe and all that jazz, however, I would give huge credit to a TV show editor, lol!  At the end of the day,  Carry is the main character, so, therefore, even her bad habits, the director and editor of the show will make sure, it becomes likable! 

3. Haha: I have no idea what would be under this third reason. Basically, it is all based on our environment and how strong we are not to let it mold our personality!

It takes about 20 days for something to becomes a habit. The best way to get rid of the bad habit is to replace it with another, good habit! 

Speaking of that, this is what I have for my dad's holiday present to help him finally quit smoking that he's been quitting for the past 20 years lol. Click here.

And yes, I am giving away these cherries lozenges and see instructions for the contest in my post: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5v6zGAJ0YR/ 

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Happy Holidays!!!

Stay Healthy, Beautifull and Happy, 





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