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 Hi everyone!!!

Hope staying at home did not make anyone climb walls or get into some type of depression. As I will skip the Corona (itself) topic (assuming we all understand what is going on etc), and rather focus on a brighter side of our current circumstances.

Yes, it is serious, yes, it is dangerous, yes, you should stay home, and No, that should not be the Only topic, and No, that should not be an everyday topic, and No that should not be an extreme panic, and No it will not last forever: Topic closed.

I had an interesting convo with my dear friend Anna about self-care at home and what girly things we miss from the "offline world" as well as what we appreciate in a temporary "new way of living".  In my opinion, looking "put together" even when staying home every day is a good thing. She thinks it's not necessary. I agree, but it is necessary to feel good, so I feel better with mascara on. Partially because I look like an alien without it (a typical blond, with light color lashes), so I like to have myself "in order" for myself.

Yes, our favorite beauty-facials salons (Erica, we miss you), My favorite "IMD Beauty Spa" body care salon is closed, nail salons are not working, hair salons as well: Andrew, I miss you!! My brows are somehow surviving thanks to This Girl but what can we do?

  • You can choose to:

1: Sit and wait until you start looking like a creature OR:

 2. Did and tested out my Online services "investigation"

3. Doll up at home, why not? - I miss my friend Suzanne, a professional makeup artist, so I am bothering her now and just ordered a bunch of great makeup products from Miracles & More online store.

-Long story short, My friend Anna (click here to see her IG page) agreed on this challenge to do it all home, so we had an online facials program, makeup session, workout session, nails ( we tried to do gels online and it ended tragically, but after some time, we figured it out lol) =an online solution worked out. 

-When it comes to skincare, I have a "mild allergy" on dairy products, that resulted in blemishes. That dairy ice cream made my skin itching for the whole week. I went online and did my quick personal skincare exam with "Miracles and More" and received my Monthly program delivered to my home in less than 4 days. Same with my ice cream, sadly...Anyway = an online solution worked.

-Anna had her conspiracy about "wrinkles" ( she barely has any, but okay), so she ordered this anti-wrinkle program, and I'm glad that Miracles and More told her "NO" since she does not need any, ha! 

I was never the type of person to go to shopping malls, so online shopping to me is perfect. I ordered some music gear ( sample libraries and plugins that were on super sale) and also some great MakeUp from Miracles and More, to spice up my "stay at home" routine. Also, a beauty bag for my friend is ordered!

My skincare 100% recipe looks like this:

**Beauty Collagen every morning with Vital Proteins and Religiously staying on top of my personalized monthly skincare program at Home with @miracles.more.

When it comes to nutrition, as usual, I ordered my Nutrafol vitamins for my hair (that is growing and growing, and growing lol).

My 100% skincare advice "At Home": get your own skincare program personalized for your skin condition and contact them since it is not "one size fits all". It took me some time to say "Yes" for an online skincare program, so I literally DM-ed @miracles.more and it was a quick online exam and home delivery within a week.  I wish I did that earlier, instead of wasting $ and hoarding tons of skincare products base don how they were packed, but it's never too late. 

Without this, I would def. turned into a quarantine creature.

Obviously, I wrote this blog, just to prevent a possible urge to climb the walls in my living room, since I woke up at 1 PM and I feel awfully weird. Working on my  "Pre-corona, PST time zone return", so will see...


This is what my "Quarantine" home delivery skincare consists of: 


 P.S.  If you feel like climbing walls, maybe this helps:


  • **Beauty: Selfcare & Nutrition at Home
  1. Personalized Skincare Program- Home Delivery or DM them at @miracles.more
  2. Dentist:
  3. MakeUp: 
  4. Beauty Nutrition:
  5. Hair supplements:
  6. Groceries:

***Education: Music/Media

  1. Berklee College Of Music:
  2. Composers Webinars
  3. Music/Tech Tutorials:
  4. Audio Books:

***Wellness / Health Supplements:


    1. Meditation:
    2. Essential Oils:
    3. Great Music:
    4. Even my own music album (film music or electronic ambient music that I barely promote on my social media channels for some reason, but here it is:

Series to watch: 

  1. Comedy: Office:
  2. Thriller: "Ozark":
  3. Mystery: Lock & Key:


         I hope you make the best out of  "Stay At Home" days!

                      Stay healthy, still beautiful and happy, 





bye- bye till the next time;-)





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