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Hello Everyone!

It's been quite a while since all of us are guaranteed at home. Social distance practicing and online socializing went hand in hand. 

 Half of a day on a "work from home/record from home/remotely collaborate type of a schedule followed by a heavy amount of online social gatherings can be exhausting. For that very reason, I prefer using only very few online social apps.

Watching news, in my case, try to do it in moderation. It is good and important to be informed and aware, but also, there has to be a boundary, otherwise, I tend to get a headache.

Sleeping schedule...Interesting topic. The timezone became: Universal TimeZone  (or Universal Insomnia, lol) thanks to my friends from all over the world. Somehow this invisible enemy has united our time zones and made people stick together a bit more than before I would say...At least from what content I was watching, it was nice to see people standing up for each other, staying home to save lives, and spreading the awareness and importance of empathy.

When it comes to Entertainment, I love "binging" on serious News (then Netflix "Black Mirror") lol. Often times, straight to audiobooks or some comedy memes scrolling ( on my Pinterest) regarding the "situation" (speaking of a tasteful comedy) for the sake of keeping the positive mode on. 

When it comes to Selfcare:  

Regarding the beauty tips / self-care, I will share my selection of Current Promo Codes of my favorite online health/beauty programs:

  1. 30 Days Skincare Program Therapy, Home Delivery (Anti-Age, Acne Free, Ultra Hydration, etc)-Visit: and use a Code: NATASHA to get the large discount on everything.

     Dental Care: I do not know what I would be doing during my quarantine time if it wasn't  ( teeth brightening and retainers, currently a large discount for everyone).

    1.  Hair Care: Religiously with, use a Promo Code:  MOMS20  


    1.  Beauty Collagen supplements: I love combining this with the anti-age skincare of for the WIN-WIN beauty combination!

    Well, that was my mini promo code online directory share!

    I am sure you will find this useful and if something interesting pops up, I will put it in my blog from time to time;-)

    Stay Home and healthy. Soon, this whole situation will be behind us. We will survive;)





    Good Morning with my mini skincare routine.

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