Feeling like a stuffed turkey after Thanksgiving treats?Here I am, lol

Posted by natasha kojic on

Hello there! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

First off, thanks to everyone for the funny quotes to my DM!!

Just had a great time with my friends on Thanksgiving Day. Funny how food connects people, isn't it? Well, the same is with workouts so tomorrow we better have some good cardio going on. 

Here is my friend's suggestion, so I'm sharing it:

*HIIT cardio workout:

I take my MicrodailyPlus before the workout (30min before).

Set your timer and do each of these exercises for 1 min, 5 rounds:

* jump squats 

* jumping rope

* leg lifts (pilates)

* abbs

Repeat 5times and you will have 25 min of an intense workout.

Or you can go to the "7 Days Workout challenge" on this website.

Basically, if you are starting your Weekly workout challenge, send a msg and follow up! We are starting today!

Btw, if you are into ActiveWear online shopping, click here;)

Don't flake!



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