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Article: Is everything moving online permanently?

Is everything moving online permanently? - LaLa Daily Post

Is everything moving online permanently?

Dear Digital friends,

After so long, obviously, it became one big digital space, starting from mixing a song all the way to a personal life and most of the businesses.

Often times, my friends and I (mostly over the voice msgs and zoom meetings) had discussing regarding the situation (again) and how this online world is affecting certain industries, daily routines, social media, aliens, including all of the conspiracy theories and the list can go on. Bottom line, an amusing convos, overall, we disagree a lot, but luckily nobody ever gets mad, duh...

My prediction is that this on and off quarantine will pretty much last until the summer of 2021 overall, and as far as the vaccines, I do not believe anyone will be forced to anything. As a human being, you always have a freedom of choice, and even when it seems like you don't, just think outside of the box, and think of your own safety. Nobody is really stupid, at the end everyone figures it out in their own timing on what to do or not to do, and how to protect their health.

I believe the vaccine will be an option, and when there is a will, there is a way, for whoever is scared or not. That's just my opinion, since I read so many times during this and last month on my DM about this, but refused to get involved into those topics. 

When it comes to industries, different types of careers, many people that are not fans of online media platforms, find this difficult and of course are confused and that's why us that are into both online and offline are here to kind of help with maybe some advices, or suggestions.

Social Media: very simple: if you don't like it, then don't go there. If you like it, then get to know it, and use it, enjoy it! I don't think that anything in life should be a "must" and whatever seems "logical" does not have to be logical in the long run, so relax.

Film industry, speaking of theaters, are now merging more into online streaming, and weather we like it or not, take it as it is and adopt, otherwise you'll go ku-ku...I was sad to hear that Tenant by Christopher Nolan (my favorite director) will be only streaming;-(.... Luckily, music composing was always done remotely, but again, live session players...i miss recording one on one...

Throughout the history, and our civilization, things are always repeating, just in a different form, different tools, habits, however the point is always the same. Essentials are essentials, and for us non essentials creators - it always remains as well, though the way on how things are done are bond to be changing, evolving etc. Social Media, if you think about it, has 2 words: Social and Media and that sums it up. It's our mini television and everyone can participate. 

Probably, many of you have watched "Social Dilemma" on Netflix and that explained very well the term of the algorithm. However, the differences in  interpretation of the documentary were interesting. One of my friends said "Omg, this makes me throw my phone away", oh well... If anything, it should make you aware that in reality, the traditional media, including the offline media, works by that principal. They run the data on what people like, watch, and then produces more of that content. The artificial intelligence is learning your behavior, but it is Not there to "get you", though after watching the documentary you might think that you are in some kind of a Truman show. 

It actually serves as the mirror of yourself and then by collecting data, on a global level, as the mirror of the society. The same is when it comes to entertainment, period. Yes, us artists create, athletes play, but at the end of the day, it's all up to people that listen or watch to decide and make the "final cut". 

The thing to watch out is to protect your data from online scams, especially now when all of us are being bombarded with links, offers, so watch where you click and make sure from time to time to Clear your search history, update and double protect your passwords with Authenticator and you will be fine. 

If you are starting a new business based on what you already do, or something entirely new, well this is a good time for it, as long as it doesn't require more time or investment than what you already have. Most important, if you are about to start something new, make sure you actually truly like it, otherwise you will waste your time. Somebody else's success in a field that has nothing to do with your interest, should never be your motivation, because everyone has "that something" that has its space for you. 

While being quarantined at home, and all the Media, Social Media and electronics, the best would be to really pick the day or days, or hours during the day to Tune Out. 

This quarantine era is a journey, not a destination! The world won't collapse even though, sometimes it feels like it's gonna take forever. The only permanent thing is the flow of time.

What to do during this "Season 2" of our global "Stranger Things"? Here:

   Holiday Plans?

Here are some of my list of things to explore for both Offline and Online "zones":


*Hiking or go for a walk -Put your phone on Airplane mode and listen to some music, podcast, audio book or simply nothing. Lately I am totally ok to just go for a hike with no music in my headphones (only in my head lol), and that way get more tuned into the present moment.

* Self-care at Home: Put some relaxing music on ( it really affects your mood since silence while at home is kinda creepy, at least to me, I love Holiday jazz music on YouTube, it really brings that vibe) and do your own facials, hair masks ( I heat coconut oil and put on my hair roots), do your own nails, and if you are not skilled do not try to color your hair yourself lol.

Clean your space, get rid of the clutter - it clears your mind. Cook or order some food, call a friend to talk or jump on a little home trampoline. Read or listen to some cool book, or write your thoughts, or maybe a script. 

Workout: You can get a small trampoline or a stepper at home, it really doesn't take too much of space and it's so fun and you will feel good! Also the electric muscle stimulation belt is my "best friend" lately, amazing stuff! This is the LINK for it, also I posted on my Instagram about it, along with the promo code at the end of this.

Books: Audio books , create, write, paint walls, avoid climbing them, re-arrange your furniture, get to know your neighbours (why not, it was about that time to have time, lol), get rid of the clutter and useless papers and pencils (in my case useless cables I've been hoarding for whatever reason), donate some stuff you don't need, it always feels good to make someone happy. Read! I love reading, my problem is that i love to read digital books, so here we go my dear screen.

Talk to your friends and family- obviously that is understood. Try to learn things from your friends or help those that find online stuff hard to get used to.

Extreme boredom?: You can read Terms and Condition of any app and you will soon fall asleep! Sleeping is a very good "activity" as well, makes your brain work better and your muscles grow, haha!

Cook: Personally, I am an expert to burn pasta by forgetting it is boiling, but in reality it's fun, and cleaning afterwards comes as a workout. If anyone is a good cook, please DM me and send some lasagna , lol!

Massage: You can get a very good after workout roller and roll your body on it, it feels so good! Of course, a standard, bubble bath etc, though I am not a fan to sit in a bath for an hour, but it's good. Sauna works always amazing to detox and makes you feel brand new afterwards. I go to IMD Beauty Spa (say you are my friend and it will extend the holiday promo deal that is right now going on) since that's my sanctuary to unwind. If you are in L.A or NYC, that's a place to go to. I am so lucky that they are open, and technically my neighbours, or I would say, a second home!



*****ONLINE things to explore:

For Music Makers: If you are composing music, try some cool sample libraries that are not "main stream". My suggestion is Soul Series by Christopher Young- a good stuff! Besides that, try to remotely record LIVE instruments, that is the best! For variety of an amazing session players, check my sub page music IG Page private or IG page main one, on my following list.

Movies: Check out "The Empty Man" a psychology thriller (20th Century Fox) not because of Christopher Young film composer and because I am super lucky to be a part of it but it is really good!! It's also out in theaters, but hey...streaming-quarantine, you know how it goes now...

If you want to open your YouTube channel: I uploaded some useful videos so you can Check it out HERE.

If you love creating content and wanna play with new features and Instagram stories: check it out HERE. 

If you are into workout apps and nutrition: Check it out: FitCash: HERE : The app is amazing and will keep you on track 100%! (currently updating, it will get the things you asked for which you will love, very soon)!!

If you are into Business and Investing, and want to learn and get everything simplified in terms of investments and upgrade your knowledge and focus / learn about passive income: Vigtec app - Check it out HERE. 

 If you wanna become better with managing your finances: Check it out HERE.

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*Hair: Nutrafol - as always!!! your hair will grow and shine!

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* Covid Vaccines: Just kidding!

*Other things: Anyway, you can tune into my YouTube  if you're bored or DM me on Instagram if you wanna get bored together, ha, since for New Years there may be something interesting, I guess I will have a chance to upload something that I was asked tons of times for the past 2 years, so let's see;-) Btw, if you are into fashion and stuff, check out my Pinterest ( I adore resting my mind and scroll through outfits).

Anyway, hope this little article had something useful for you and stay healthy (or should I say: Work on your health), don't be bored- stay informed (really not trying to write a poem, but turns out everything rimes, lol)! You can add your own, lol.

Bye, bye, until 2021 "Season Finale" of our "We are in this together...(and pretty much sick of it! 

Happy Holidays to every quarantine "station", and may the 2021 bring us the perfect balance of both online tools and offline world, and lastly, protect your health!




P.S One of my dearest online "party" was being a guest on YouTube live and most of you know already that I am talking about Dragan Kojic Keba

so here is the Link.




















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