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Hello everyone!

Decided to drop a few lines about the workout app, that I have been talking about on my Instagram, that will 100% motivate you to stay on your fitness journey and the download is FREE:

on both IOS and Android devices, including the Google Play! - Online races, challenges and more... I have completed 28miles first online race  currently on my second one ( 59 miles) and I feel great because it motivates me to go for early morning brisk walks and start my day that way which results in my better productivity and mood overall. Also, I lost some extra pounds and got back on track thanks to this wonderful community of an amazing people over there.

Here is the link  and also my workout clothes and fitness gear is also from this app so feel free to use the Coupon Code: NATASHAYF35 on everything! 

A new challenge coming up is the Sleep challenge and I love it because, having a healthy amount of sleep is as important as your activities. 

What I love the most about an app is the rewards to keep you on track, their cute store, and also the fact you can easily invite your friends to join and motivate each other to stay on a path. The earlier you start, the better because time goes by and can care less about us, lol.

That's it folks, see you on Yes.Fit app  and enjoy your FREE download for both IOS , Android and Google Play and keep it up into the healthier summer 2021!


In addition, if you want to check out my latest YouTube video, click here or down below:





Stay healthy, detoxed and happy,

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