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Article: Hair Care & Dental Care - Personal Recommendations

Hair Care & Dental Care - Personal Recommendations - LaLa Daily Post

Hair Care & Dental Care - Personal Recommendations

Once upon a time, I used to color my hair, and it was blond( bleached blond) and add to it Cali sun = complete disaster of a dry hair I had to live with lol.

Nothing wrong with that hair color (it's attractive and eye-catchy), but it def. was not for me, and it was hard to maintain it, and my hair just did not react well to that color, so what I did, I woke up and decided to stop coloring my hair and get my natural tone. So, here I am, and I' ve been maintaining my natural hair color for the past 4 years and it grows way faster and it's stronger. The sun obviously does its job since I live in California, but overall it's not just that. It is also what you put in your body....

Hair products work but not just by itself. In my case, what absolutely works the best (and trust me I tried almost everything I could during my transition from coloring to natural hair):

Coconut oil (once a month, I put the warm coconut oil to my hair roots for about an hour. Yeah, it is kind of gross and greasy, but you wash it out and it pays off.

  • For the past 6 months, I started using Nutrafol hair growth vitamins, and it is the only supplement that truly works for my hair, so the combo of the supplements, coconut oil mask once a week on the roots of my hair, and the Kerastase shampoos is enough!
  • I often post on my iG stories and YouTube videos when it comes to my beauty care discoveries, and lately I am obsessed with Seratopical revolution skincare based on amazing combo of natural (non sticky) oils for the skin brightening, eye serums, neck, and my favorites are their moisturizers that are providing the max hydration! This skincare line is also co founded by Nicole Kidman and her impeccable self care knowledge.

You can see videos on my YouTube channel that could be useful for you;-)



  •  Now, regarding the Dental Care, I have this great info:








 Byte Me offers

$100 off on their invisible aligners + Free SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit that works so well !! At the end of this article, I left the promo code info.

Btw, this whitening kit, you probably heard of, is the best, and I was so happy to receive an email with this information. This is probably the best recommendation article for the dental care you will read because there is no mistake with this! Your teeth will be healthy and white.

Also, check out Gurunanda oil pulling and variety of tooth brushing, essential pils and so much more. You can check them out on Amazon, physical stores or directly on their web         


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