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Article: Hacked and Saved - Social Media 2021

Hacked and Saved - Social Media 2021 - LaLa Daily Post

Hacked and Saved - Social Media 2021

Dear folks, 

I decided to drop a few lines about my most recent experience with hackers messing with my data. Maybe it saves someone that reads it , so let me begin:

Chrome Browser: Automatically, II allowed the browser way too much, after I checked Security and Privacy in "System Preferences" on my iMac. - Just in case.

 I use TeamViewer since musicians that I work with remotely, quiet often we need an access to each other computer, and that is great, but lately, I noticed that my TeamViewer was always open even though I was signed out technically.

 In a sea of email ads for media services etc., usually I don't pen these emails. Also, my social media passwords are never shared to untrusted sources, so that's not the case.

 Back to Chrome, finally i noticed that after I removed an access that Chrome had ( automatically or by my mistake, who will track the steps from months ago), my TeamViewer also stopped opening up, unless I actually do so. By the way, it also had an access to my files and folders, okay, however it is not okay, because majority of us have Chrome save our passwords automatically. Well, in my case, not anymore.

 Whatsapp messenger, IG, and Facebook: they always have  a really good security check and support system, so that was quickly resolved, but WhatsApp however, seems a bit weird lately, is still a big question mark. Looks like new ways of hackers opened up during these times when everyone had a little bit more time..smh..

Zoom app: before you click on some spammy link, and get your phone hi jacked, double check the link you click on.

 I will not mention which one, but an entire film production, including myself in it, was dealing with this issue and we concluded it most likely was caused by Chrome and its automated actions, which sometimes can be easily hacked.

Luckily, my YouTube has recovered ( thanks to my channel admin that made sure to double protect my Google account) , and IG account was quickly stopped from being hacked, and how you recognize these things is simply by noticing super weird actions on your accounts. Usually, it is not a good sign, so you should immediately contact the support system. For us that are organically verified, turns out that some scammers are trying to get to our accounts to do XYZ for whatever business they are running, and after a great chat time with my colleagues remotely, I was told about this current scammers "trend". Well, luckily, as the scammers are "progressing", same goes with media channels security, so eventually it gets back to its place. However, nobody needs a headache, and nobody has time, so that's why it is so annoying.

The golden thing is that often times, paper is the king, ha! That is why, certain things, is far more safe to write on a piece of paper, no matter how little we use paper and pen nowdays. In my case, only when writing music I use paper and pen, other than that,  songwriting and collaborating on songs with others goes via our phones. 

Another thing, never use the same password for multiple accounts (you probably know this already), and from time to time, double check your system preferences, or randomly change your passwords, and watch where you click, and even who you reply to. Why? Simply because by you replying, the algorithm will detect as a "familiarity" ( I was told this recently, and it make sense, especially after watching "Social Dilemma" documentary on Netflix, it really makes sense.

Big thanks to the wonderful film production that had us safely and free of any charge protect our data, it meant a lot!!!

That's it ! Stay safe everyone, work remotely, be free but be mindful, 






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