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Minimum Makeup

Hello Everyone,

I have finally found the perfect eyeliner that doesn't disappear in 1 hour!

I wish I could upload some makeup video tutorials, but I am absolutely terrible for that, so the best I can do is show what I use. 

Not long ago, one wonderful makeup lady (Sarah, CBS) while working on a movie, has applied eyeliner to my eyes, which literally lasted an entire day. I forgot to search for that product, and then 1 week ago, I was sent by @misspink the same eyeliner I was advised to use!

Interesting coincidence, so I decided to share it with you. 

My makeup look is very plain, not to say boring, but my face kind of eats whatever I apply to it, so my essentials are the classic basics: mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss (that doesn't dry my lips out).

Unfortunately, my skin is super sensitive, so unless I have to be under the full makeup (while on set shooting), I personally go with "Less is more"makeup approach.

What's your favorite makeup look? 

And yes, this is that Eye Liner I'm talking about: click here


And..If you have any questions? (keep it simple lol):



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