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Hello friends!

Long time, no type ( this is why I like summer vacations and precious time to do your hobbies).

Speaking of hobbies, lately I noticed that a lot of my peers in both music, film and digital creation industry (almost everyone) is talking about crypto, Defi projects, live stream video gaming and music used in it etc.

Now, when it comes to crypto, we had an interesting discussion about BTC either climbing up or hitting the ZERO.

Fast forward, Warren Buffett once said that he wouldn't pay $25 for all the Bitcoin in the world ( and I would agree), as it is not going to do anything, but if I had any gains from BTC, I bet my narrative in this little chat would be entirely different, ha! So, once, with the 2 friends of mine, we decided to test out with Luna (Wluna at the Coinbase) and for the first time ever I literally 4x10 and then...failed miserably haha!! (still stuck on Kraken but not even checking it). Now all of my friends are on Defi projects, but i am NOT entertaining any of those, I have had enough for now lol... btw my discord channel with my crypto peeps is HERE

If you wanna hear my self created juicy crypto conspiracy, here:

- I kind of "figured" it seems to me that there is a crypto algorithm formed, that is also learning the psychology of each crypto investor and as the time goes by, it gets smarter & smarter, so in a way you are playing tennis or chess with the machine that is learning your trading patterns and it goes like that for everyone.

If this makes no sense, then be it, since I don't have a proof to it, but I had some methods to test it out on a few different exchanges ( Coinbase, BinanceUS and Kraken) and pretty much, see what happens once you want to leave regardless of the amount of funds or lack of it you have in your portfolio.

The rule that you should NEVER invest more than you are ready to lose is the answer to it all, confirming the Warren Buffett's theory. On the other hand, try to eat "just one piece" of Kinder bueno, haha! #goodluck!

Speaking of decentralized assets & cryptocurrency, I would personally like to see Metaverse and NFT's evolving, as well as Ethereum gas fees lowering, and that is to make it easier in terms of the copy rights control and authenticity of every piece of art, yet it will be a long road to get there, but glad it has started.

So, here is my ”crystal ball prediction" on how music licensings (digital art) could be within the Decentralized platforms:

Let's take Mana Decentraland video game as an example:

I tested it out, it is still in sort of development and super confusing, but as a young and super growing project, it has a huge potential. Once it is up and running big time, it will form an every day habit of downloading your favorite songs, watch clips, same as we have now with Apple Music but it will take less steps and shorten the timing in whatever you are doing which is great.

Basically, it all evolves around saving the time goal ( thank God finally ordering groceries became a norm since I have always seen it as a giant waste of time, unless the "groceries" are Apple store, Saks Fifth Avenue and purchase in "Shibs" for my hair shampoo, haha! that would be hilarious.

Speaking of beauty products, and hair care, here is my latest YouTube video with Laifen Swift, super speed and hi tech hair dryer (alike Dyson):

 Laifen purchase link (Use Coupon Code for $40 Off: HR14 )

Face mask in the video: HERE (miracles & more skincare)

(Disclaimer: this is Not affiliate program and I do NOT do affiliate collaborations with any brand)




SAG AFTRA expended for Social Media Sponsored Content:

- Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) National Board approved a new “Influencer Agreement” that covers certain “influencer-generated branded content” across all social media platforms and other digital channels, including Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

Now, this is a bit broad, since every brand can choose weather they want to do all that paperwork with Sag, but it is good to be covered as we are on movie sets in terms of health insurance over time, pension and all the good stuff! 


  • Epidemic Sound: click HERE
  • Motion Array: stings, trailers, sound eff and edit plug ins: HERE
  • YouTube channel: unlike Instagram, posting your music on YouTube gets int-tuned in its algorithm permanently, so sometimes you will see "out of nowhere" amazing watch time from something you posted long ago.
  • the rest of the list you can see in my previous article in here


YouTube Shopping!

- Now, you can set up your beloved e commerce online store directly on your YouTube channel and HERE it is how it looks like. in your video cards. ( not sure if it is also working on channels that are not monetized but its good to double check) 

-YouTube shorts are super helpful for all the start up channels and also are monetized and can help you to grow so you get monetized. 

-You can also PIN your favorite comments of your video.

- You can make static posts, as well, ( though idk if we actually use it)


- By posting IG reels ( bonus play program) now available for IG page of any audience size, to be "fully" monetized (not like YouTube since you do Not have watch time insights), 

  • Creator Marketplace is being tested on Instagram. This feature will help creators connect with brands for partnership opportunities. TikTok already has that, and it's kind of annoying and makes both creators and brands spend more time with filling out the forms etc.


  • Much easier option to set up  & manage your IG online store on your Instagram page than before. FYI, Shopify websites are the easiest to have as your online store as it has the great connection with IG, Facebook, YouTube, Google and Pinterest stores set up.


  •  Facebook (Meta) also plans to test NFTs in Instagram Stories.


  • Repurposing already posted content: You can share clips from your videos as Reels or Stories and increase your bonus pay.


  • You can Pin up to 3 pieces of previously posted content to the top of your profile grid.

 Annoying news & tips:

When it comes to Original audio and Instagram, majority of people do not use the sound due to the daily activities, so having the captions on your videos always help or giffs to turn the volume on along with it! 

Since most of my stuff for Instagram is made while stuck in LA traffic, I can't stand their ever growing super tedious ways of story features for editing.


Good stuff: Pinterest stories I personally adore and a super limited features so you are not bombarded with everyone reaching out from every corner of the app and that way you can actually USE the app versus just using it to post. I personally love to Pinterest DYI stuff, articles about nutrition, beauty, and of course an amazing fashion content and interior design I see on Pinterest. Btw my link to there is here though I pin and watch more than I post my own stuff in there.

Annoying stuff: Audio library of Pinterest is boring. Dear musicians, if you wanna have another revenue of your licensings, skip this one for now, lol!.



OMG! Now even Whatsapp messenger has turned into an AD spammer! can't stand it! But here is the news, so you can figure out on what to do so you don't get bombarded with ADS on a daily basis:

. Basically, "it will be possible to create ads directly from the WhatsApp Business App, without having to go through Facebook’s Ads Manager system".

...I get it its good to have more and easier tools but come on, there has to be a fine line between business and personal life. The good stuff for IG or YouTube sponsored content is that it is aligned with what you really use in your life and its so obvious if you don't ( imagine my posts being sponsored by Nuclear science or NASA haha), but having ads recommending ads on my personal apps for communication is so annoying!!!

In general, think that this whole aggressive business approach within those apps and at the end will lead to its self destruction having the selling pop up bots and ads "talking" between one another #puke🤢

This is why I already stopped using Whatsapp messenger since every now and then some bot creep is sending requests making it a Weird Zone with nothing but lack of privacy. Do you agree? Bet you do.

Ok, that's about it. I'm getting "out of my phone" and hope you found some useful info for whatever you do in my "types":)

Stay healthy, beautiful & happy, and don't forget to count your blessings, 


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