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Article: Eye Brows: Microblading!

Eye Brows: Microblading! - LaLa Daily Post

Eye Brows: Microblading!


It wasn't a problem at all to drive 2hrs from L.A. to San Diego. That explains a lot about my obsession with the perfect eyebrows, haha!

Being a natural blonde has its side effects: my eyebrows get very light so it was bothering me for a long time but was hesitating to go just anywhere. I have seen so many bad examples of eyebrows micro-blading, so It took me a while to pick the right place for that! Looks like I am thinking to turn my blogs into another version of Yelp lol. Seriously, I love discovering great beauty places and sharing them with you.

Thanks to a friend of mine, Julia, I found out about the best place for your eyebrows (micro-blading, very subtle, natural look) in San Diego, La Jolla Cove at Leslie Richie, @browbossgal. Leslie mastered her beauty skills in Serbia ( where I was born), so no wonder why she rocks!!

After my eyebrows treatment, I was wandering around La Jolla, and spent a lot of time in one nice and cozy Music Museum ( and the first score I opened was: Mendelssohn haha! Long story about my obsession with Mendelssohn but that is not a topic of this chat...) Anyway:

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It's my day 2, and my eyebrows are finally on point! Natural, very modest, nothing dramatic, but enough to set me free from brow pencils so I don't scare myself in the mirror every morning lol!~

Happy Holiday Season beautiful people, 




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