Amazon Best Rated hidden gems & Worst Rated overly exposed

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Hello Everyone, 

Congrats to all of the businesses offline that have been able to finally open (just hope it lasts, honestly..), and all nonessential businesses that I realized how essential are during these times lol! At least to me, it is very essential to feel like a female human being with the right skincare and beauty products, and in particular this one or on Amazon check it out HERE.

Even though 90% of any necessities I purchase go online. Often times, I would need a new hard drive when it comes to technology or some other gadgets I use for recording, editing,, of course, I hop on Amazon to search and in most cases, it's great though sometimes it gives a headache. Technology, house accessories, skincare, and supplements, here and there some workout accessories, and that's about it. 

My Worst LIST on Amazon: 

1. Maybe bad luck but ordering a simple hard drive cable, I received a phone charger, which was funny but not funny to have to return it which I always forget as things to do tend to pile up. Anyway, double-triple check before you gets your gadgets on Amazon. The store was called " Hype Tech or something like that.

2. Collagen Supplements: also be careful. I ordered once, and never again, supplements and the brand name was something like " Tonia...and the rest I forgot: but bottom line, I received a box that was basically opened before...I was surprised because I noticed on Amazon that the store had a bunch of good reviews, or maybe fake reviews.

What I realized is that it is really hard to judge by reviews, it actually requires some effort to analyze reviews not to say investigate, and who has time for that...After these bad experiences, I decided to ignore what is highly advertised on Amazon and use a trusted "referral" system as the best guide.

3rd. place on my "Worst" list is Portable Phone chargers - something to be extra careful.


My GOOD LIST: HIDDEN GEMS on Amazon, lol:

1. Beauty and skincare: my hidden gem on Amazon you can check it out HERE.

(though their website is packed with "goodies": 

2. When it comes to technology: hard drives that won't "die" after 2 months, a hidden gem on Amazon: I don't know yet! Simple as that! No luck! 

3. The best Hair supplements: I totally forgot on Amazon, but go to their website, check it out HERE 

4. Portable Chargers?- Well for this one, I am still in a search, since I lost 18752 of them in a span of a year. No luck with portable chargers online for me, I guess, lol.  


Anyway, that's it! I hope I saved someone some time with this little info I posted since (hope not) but looks like another lockdown is coming up so online living to be "consumed" again....At some point, this chaos will stop, it can't last forever.

Stay strong, beautiful, and healthy!





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