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Article: Artificial Intelligence & SAG AFTRA Legislation | Sharing California Senators Contacts

Artificial Intelligence & SAG AFTRA Legislation | Sharing California Senators Contacts

Artificial Intelligence & SAG AFTRA Legislation | Sharing California Senators Contacts

Hello Folks, 

Long time no typing, but here I am, and as you can tell according to my general "not so perfect" writing, I am not using any Ai, I am simply typing, nor this is an Ad of any kind. Anyway, for all of my fellow artists in the entertainment industry, weather musicians, actors/performers, writers etc., just wanted quickly to spread some info and touch base on such a "hot topic" about the digital replication of our work, image, likeness etc. As we already know, this topic about Ai replacing our jobs kind of looks like a typical click bait conspiracy but in general there are tons of things that should be done immediately in terms of adjusting the new laws in the entertainment industry since there is tons of holes that can easily get us taken advantage of, which is why organizations such as SAG AFTRA, are taking immediate actions towards resolving these issues in a timely manner, before its too late. Personally, when it comes to entertainment industry, I highly doubt it will be able to literally replace us, but if laws are not redone, it can affect our work so much so that people will just stop working as it won't make any sense in terms of work put in and results that get out. 

Out of curiosity, I tired Mid-journey, Suno for music, and so far it is still very far away from the perfect software, yet it is growing so fast, though I see it more as a tool. A very powerful and even dangerous tool. I highly doubt someone like myself will simply be able to use some program and make as good painting as someone who truly is a painter, because even if it all comes down to "producing" our stuff vs creating, weather it be music, a movie script or a painting, you still gotta know your craft. 

A few days ago, I have received an email from SAG AFTRA (The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists ) about AB 1836 law that would prohibit the nonconsensual digital replication of deceased performers in audiovisual works and sound recordings without the consent of their estate. We better fight to prevent deceased performers from being digitally replicated in ways they never would have approved of. To that end, if you are an artist in the entertainment industry, you probably will take action by reading this: 

You can Repost this SAG-AFTRA message on X (Twitter, can't stand this new"X" sign but whatever), or post your own statement of support for AB 1836 and tag the following California Senate Judiciary Committee members: @SenatorUmberg @ScottWilkCA @BenAllenCA @SenatorAshby @CASenCaballero @SenMariaEDurazo @SenJohnLaird @SenRogerNiello @GeneralRoth @SenHenryStern @SenAishaWahab
And, call their offices to urge them to vote YES on AB 1836:
(this is super cool that SAG shared direct phone # for officials, and also FYI, you would be surprised how much help you can get from senators and congress. Anyway, related to this, here are the contacts if you care to contribute to this, which I am sure you will (unless you don't care, but you better )):
(More info link Here)
  • Senator Tom Umberg, Chair - (916) 651-4034
  • Senator Scott Wilk, Vice Chair - (916) 651-4021
  • Senator Ben Allen - (916) 651-4024
  • Senator Angelique Ashby - (916) 651-4008
  • Senator Anna Caballero - (916) 651-4014
  • Senator Maria Elena Durazo - (916) 651-4026
  • Senator John Laird - (916) 651-4017
  • Senator Roger Niello - (916) 651-4006
  • Senator Richard Roth - (916) 651-4031
  • Senator Henry Stern - (916) 651-4027
  • Senator Aisha Wahab - (916) 651-4410

At the end of a day, as much as I hear negative things about California wherever I travel, there is one sure thing nobody can't deny which is: California Respects Artists. And, yes, our industry has been severely slammed lately but as we know, life goes in cycles, and this bump in a road call "Ai regulations" is very important so I decided to share this, as I know so many of ya'll on my media channels are musicians, producers, actors and directors, so you got this!


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hope you find this useful❤️Big Hugs to all!!

Stay healthy, beautiful inside and out & happy, 

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