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Hello ladies, 

I feel like typing, so here I am, lol.

It's been quite busy for the past month, but never too busy to pay attention to my skin. Sometimes, on "those days", my skin would react weird, and luckily, I found my solutions to deal with that. Roughly, a year ago, I was not quite "happy in my skin", so I decided to make some changes, and that journey remained!

Today, I talked to a very good friend of mine about the Coronavirus and all that nasty thing that is going on in a world, but at the same breath with that nasty thing, a lot of business, nasty manipulation media is bombarding us left and right, and I am not even sure if I can type that word..."Beep". I wish I was Marry Poppins a lot of times, lol,  but then the reality hits. It is good to be informed, but not good to be a part of a global social media dramatology about conspiracy, etc... For the things you can not change, you can always change some things within yourself and then everything changes. Regardless of any circumstances, health and self-care should be a must, and not only that but self-awareness of health and environment in general. 

Health-care/Skin-care is basically connected. If you don't agree, then just skip reading this. I am not a professional advisor, I'm just typing when I feel like it and that happens to be now, lol. 

My mom made sure to establish one simple habit in our house, which is "Wash your hands, eat that boring cabbage, take care of your skin, etc. It is sad with what's going on in this world  (it's been going on for a while, this is basically just a result and who knows what else is on away... but the best we can do is be informed, and take care of ourselves. If you can't help your self, then how can you help others? I am not going to preach on what to eat or not, I assume whoever reads this, is not stupid. Therefore:

Speaking of self-care, it is hard to eat 100% healthy, not to say impossible, but the ratio of 80% healthy, 20%fun sounds reasonable. 

Also, what you put in your body and on your body matters. Personally, I love researching healthy nutrition, as well as quality skincare products.  Bad food can not only destroy your health, but also your skin as a result. Speaking of that 80% healthy food and 20% fun, good skin care can help that that 20% of a "fun" food has less of a negative impact. I sound like some professional, but I'm not. Yet, I can say super professional to make mistakes and then really learn lol.

What works for me is to start my day with a huge glass of water  (hello camels, lol), then tea, and then coffee, and no food yet. All that with my favorite mineral mask on my face just to scare the mailman at times of 10819 letters from unknown health insurance companies lol. After a few hours, I start eating healthy and then the "fun" food I saving for later (sorry but I love to chill out in the evening time with some "fun" food), but overall the calorie intake I try to keep on point. It's very simple, and if you find it hard, then you can use apps to track your food intake. Don't be lazy, give it a shot for a week and then you will be into it!

When it comes to taking care of our skin...clearly I am a  skincare-o-hollic...Not sure if that word exists, but if it doesn't, let it live here haha! I

Speaking of cosmetic products, I tried everything and my face tolerated a lot of "c.ap" (as well as my bank account lol) on the market but you live and you learn. Mistakes are golden. Well, for the past year, I am past the mistakes so I am glad that friends always ask me for the skincare advice (that I happily take from Sara (you won't see her on social media but you will see her miracle products), and I feel super happy to be able to recommend "my" discoveries and then all of us exchange our recipes and new discoveries about products to try. Well, I'm busted now. It's coming from Sara, ha!

Social Media tends to get clogged with too many skincare products with a nice package but poor usage, and often wish there was some super filter for the products that truly work and thanks to Sara, here is my skincare discovery big time...well, correction: her discovery that my skin absorbed happily and so will yours!

March 8th will be doing a nice GiveAway on my IG Page, but in general, I am religiously using the products from Miracles and More skincare company. It's a totally hidden gem discovered, so when you try it, you will know (they even have "try before you buy" option which is honest and great. In my opinion, you don't have to try it at all (I will take care of that haha) if you get that Serum, Scrub, Mineral Mask, and the Spray Toner that I am 100% addicted to. You can start from there and then join my club lol!

Here is what I use for my sensitive skin type and I am already on my second order. 

Check it out here to see what this is.

I did my little video because I was so happy receiving my favorite skincare goodies:

Skincare products that truly work! 100%

This is what I use on a daily basis and this is my second round so far...Amazing products!


For Makeup lovers, check it out:




Well, let me know how your skin looks like and enjoy;)


Stay healthy, beatiful, smart and happy, 



















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