Have you tried Lymphatic Drainage and massage? Against Cellulite

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Dear Ladies,

The topic is Cellulite.

Sometimes it comes and goes, or stays, and there are a few things you can do about it. Besides your diet, exercise and water intake, it also has a lot to do with your weight going up and down, as well as the type of clothes you wear, etc.

Personally, I don't believe that only one thing cures it all. It is usually a combination of things you do and consistency. I am not saying you should exhaust yourself and body with strict diets and drink water like a camel, but you should slightly (because any sudden drastic changes most likely your body will reject so make a slight change and then change a slightly more and stay on a path, gradual changes last longer) improve your diet and add some treatments and test out what works for you and how much time you need to fight that annoying enemy called cellulite. Each body is different, but one thing that works for all is the right drainage and overall health routine. Regarding the timing, that varies based on your body type, age, lifestyle, etc. Don't worry, it won't take 10 years lol...

Once a year, I do my series of 10 lymphatic drainages and massages followed by eating less salty food and No processed sugars!

The good news is:  IMD Beauty Spa opened in L.A. (Beverly Hills) so I stopped by to say "Hi", and I stayed lol. They are also based in NYC. I stopped by to see how it is, and since I decided to type in here, it means: I started my first 10  treatments and it feels great. 

First, you get wrapped in castor oil and spend 20min in the sauna to get the toxins out and then the best part: massage targeting areas that we need to "fix:".

To see my first visit experience, click on this video below:


For more info about  IMD Beauty Spa, click here

Stay Healthy, Beautiful and Happy, 




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