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Dear friends & bots (recently I was hacked by the bot FYI, so yeah...)

With a bit of a delay, here comes the Q&A  blog and some time to type, I guess...(especially after Novak Djokovic won Nadal, I instantly get in a mood to type while here in a studio, music is being mixed by Joshua and the rest of the team that literally don't care that I need some silence in order for you to be able to read the blog without my regular typos, lol.

 DISCLAIMER! Ta-daa: For the new folks in here, be sure what I recommend in here is never going to be some type of garbage so you're safe. 


I've been up and down with my body shape, went through hell and back when I first moved to the U.S from Europe and figured that the only way to stay in shape is to chill out and do activities that you truly like. 

Though if you are a “hard core never moving case” then you need motivation, so:

If you can recognize yourself in that, then read further:  

The only free download workout app with legit 30 Free Trial and it's store for bunch of equipment and apparel + an options to follow your friend's progress etc. is this one i partnered up with so i will leave the links in here, and you thank me BUNCH because here comes the PERKS & 3 Reasons WHY:

Yes.Fit Active wear, yoga set           

 1.30-DAYS FREE TRIALHere ( you can follow me to stalk my progress on the app btw if you want lol

2. MOTIVATION: The clothes I'm wearing in the pic. above are  also from  the Yes.Fit store : Coupon Code: NATASHAYF35 on all of the activewear in their store that you'll see once you log in (free download btw) and to me personally works as the motivational tool when i get into lazy phase.


3. REWARD YOURSELF: Instead of waiting to reward your self AFTER, I figured it's better to do it BEFORE because it will push you to START and REMAIN!

In my latest YouTube video, you have seen our crazy 24hrs tour through L.A and thanks for watching.


That is, it for now!  

Feel free to stalk my progress on the app, Haha! So far, I am surviving the new online race! 



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