For the government mess, we can care less! AB5 law in California in effect? 2020

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Happy New 2020 Everyone!!

Right at the beginning of a new decade, California happened to accept some "interesting" (excuse my irony) rules, and if it works well, apparently East Coast would accept it too. This is what I found out, so I'm just sharing the news here, so if that's a lie, then this is too, lol. Well, here it is:

New state law is about to rewrite the rules of freelance and gig work in California, causing confusion among the many workers who earn their living as independent contractors in the Los Angeles creative economy.

Workers, as varied as musicians and photojournalists, could be affected by AB5, which takes effect Jan. 1.

The law codifies a 2018 California Supreme Court decision that introduced strict new rules governing the legal definition of independent contracting in the state. In short, more companies will be pushed to classify their workers as employees.

A group of freelancers is now fighting back. Organizations representing freelance journalists and photographers are suing the state and arguing that AB5 seeks to limit their free speech rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Oh, well, whatever happens, I doubt that it will be 100% as it's written, so let's consider this as a cloud of smoke around a fire and let the time show! 

Aside from all that government mess, I can care less and my music video is out and about lol:


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Again, Happy 2020 to all!



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