Good Vibes Only~Happy Holidays Dear Friends!!!

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---- Happy Holidays to Everyone----

Holiday time, the city is quiet, and so will be the traffic tomorrow on a Christmas Day!

Speaking of New Years, I don't have any resolution ahead besides trying to become a better person (it's a long process haha, jk).

For sure my Holiday wish won't be posted online, and nobody will ever know!

Also, I bet nobody cares either but since I'm typing in here, there are no rules.

The most important is for all of us to be healthy and then everything else will come in place...For example, my I Mac Pro haha, jk! 

It's hard to get serious right now since I am in some sassy mood, so let it be as it is and if I get some wisdom to share, I will def. keep you updated LOL (I can already see my mom rolling eyes upon reading this).

Her comment (after she read my articles on Pinterest) was: " Oh, it was you...The heck Natasha, lol"

Anyway, while in traffic today, I was filming while driving (please don't do that, I am a terrible example of a driver), and then while waiting, I was editing, so here is the video with some of my music and quotes I chose to share: 

Thank you L.A. traffic, you boost my creativity while stuck on 405, so here comes the video:

Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!!






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